South Korean Teens Hooked with Fast Internet and needs Digital Detox

South Korea is one of the most connected and wired countries in the world. According to the report, 95% of adults own a smartphone, and the country has the highest numbers of Internet connections and devices.

Being connected to technology and availability of the Internet at abundance can be a blessing or a boon for the users. The mental health experts of South Korea says that teenagers are getting consumed by the fast Internet. Moreover, South Korea has a number of PC Bangs or in English is said PC Cafe, which provides good internet connectivity, large comfortable chairs, and great headphones for just a dollar an hour.

The PC Bang owners mention that it is normal for teenagers to come in the afternoon and leave the next morning. Sometimes, owners have to ask users to leave the cafe due to smell or overuse of the device.

According to the doctors, South Korea is facing a public health crisis which they are witnessing with daily medical practices. Many of the adults and teenagers seek professional help for game addiction or Internet use. They face trouble making a relationship and do not have real social contact.

To many US families and parents, this problem might look familiar. It is essential that teenagers should be allowed for limited screen time. The schools should have in-house counseling for troubled and Internet Hooked kids.