Google’s Pixel 3 at 50% discount at Best Buy

Google Pixel 3 is available at an amazing discount in BestBuy, which is offering the smartphone for only $399.99 that is 50% on the phone price. Google Pixel 3 is the most desirable phone for anyone. It is the best smartphone with a solid design and best camera. The front camera is top-notch and best when compared to any other smartphone in the industry.

Google Pixel 3 is selling cheap at BestBuy, which makes the deal sweet for almost anyone. With great design and better camera abilities, Pixel 3 is a very sweet bargain for just $400. The device has all the necessary features that every user might want in their smartphones. Google Pixel 3 also supports wireless charging, which you can charge the phone with Nifty charging device. It also has a bright OLED screen that can last for up to 18 hours on a single charge.

The phone is available in four colors- white, black, pink, and purple. You can buy the phone with the Verizon contract or get the unlocked device for the sweet deal. Although Pixel 4 is making into the market soon, the 50% off on Google Pixel 3 is a very great deal when compared with other flagship phones available in the market.

The deal is not active on Amazon or eBay yet. But you can buy Google Pixel 3 at Best Buy with compulsory Sprint activation. The deal is also available with Google Pixel 3 XL for $500 only. It also requires activation from the Sprint. If you are AT&T or Verizon user, you get a further discount of $350 which makes the deal sweeter.