Samsung Offers $600 Trade-in for flagship phones from Google, Samsung, and Apple

Samsung just released the reservation page on their official website saying “next generation of Galaxy.” The page is for the reservation of all-new Galaxy Note 10 along with trade-in rates. The company offers trade-in rates for the flagship phones like Pixel 3, Samsung S10, and iPhone X. People who want to buy the new Note 10 can trade with their old phones for discounts.

As of now, Samsung has only traded in for Google, Samsung, and Apple phones, which are flagship mobiles with high-end value. The company has also mentioned that the models later than four years are not suitable for trade-in. The latest phone they are willing to trade in for is iPhone 6S which gives you a discount of 250$ only.

The list of the trade-in prices for the phones are

  • Google Phones- Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will fetch you a discount of $600. While the later version if Pixel phones like Pixel, Pixel 2 and their variants will bring you $200 and $300 discounts respectively.
  • Apple Phones- iPhone X and its variants will fetch you $600 discount, iPhone 7 and eight will give you $350, and iPhone 6S gives you $250 off.
  • Samsung phones- There are many flagship phones which you can give up for discounts. Galaxy S10 and S9 Plus will give you a $600 discount. On the other hand, Galaxy S9, Note 9 and S8 will offer you $300 and $200 off respectively. Galaxy S7 can be traded for $200 only.

You can sign up on the Samsung page for the promotional offers. Don’t forget to check-in for the future promotions of the company so that you are the first one to know about the offers from Samsung companies.